Noel Fitzgerald Mason or Fitz Mason Was Born in Georgetown, Guyana, South America where he spent the first years of his childhood. From there his family relocated to the United States, Washington, DC specifically. It was there Fitz developed his love for music.  

 He started playing the trumpet at the age of sixteen (16) and really got serious about his talent once he started listening to Miles Davis. In 1984, Fitz won the United States Achievement Academy Award through the DC Public School System and a year later he received three (3) college scholarships for his music studies and decided upon the University of the District of Columbia in Washington, DC. During his college years, Fitz played with a local go-go band called "Pump Blenders".  

 Fitz soon decided to serve his country and joined the 257th D.C. Army National Guard Band. In 1988, he decided to join the active duty Army and was deployed to Germany. It was there he worked to form a jazz quartet, "Just Cause". The group was successful and won the Army 7th Core talent competition for an instrumental group. He later was sent to Desert Shield/Storm and after serving five (5) months, returned to Germany and started working with some of the local bands and took interest in playing the drums.  

 After returning to the States, Fitz played with a band in Washington, DC called the "Stone Biscuits" which was made up of some former band members from the DC National Guard Band. The group played together for two (2) years and during that time, Fitz decided to pick up the trumpet again.  Fitz has appeared on the Voice of America radio show called "Hip-Hop Connection" several times to a worldwide audience. Additionally, he has had the opportunity to collaborate on notable albums over the years, as well as work with Local Access Cable in Charlotte, NC.  

Fitz's musical influences have included Miles Davis, Chuck Mangione and Tom Brown, to name a few. This is just the beginning for Fitz Mason. He wants his music to be heard by many all over the world. His audience is extremely diverse, as his musical sound is classic, yet contemporary.